Introducing: Nerdy Cool MOM!

Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain! Hey! I’m Nerdy Cool Mom.

Yes, that is right, the woman hiding behind it all! They say that behind every good man stands an even better woman, and I think that stands true with Mr Nerdy Cool Dad. (But I may be a bit biased)

Anyway! So, who is Nerdy Cool Mom?

  • Wife of the “famous” Nerdy Cool Dad
  • Mom/personal-human-jungle-gym/snack provider to our 1.5-year-old daughter Aubrey (who happens to be the tester of all our nerdy baby items)
  • Human to our furry little Ms. Goomba (tester of all things doggo)
  • Lover of all things pink and sparkly
  • Disney aficionado
  • Event planner by day, and Nerdy Cool Dad admin support by night
  • and a proud nerd. (#nerdswillsavetheworld)

My detailed, computer-like, thought process makes me the best counterpart to your beloved Nerdy Cool Dad. He has the marketing, branding, and generally the ‘cool’ side of our family while I am the opposite! I take care of our back-end code, our organization and the un-cool sides of being a nerd, and I love it. We make a pretty damn good team! #oppositesattract #lookatmagnets #physics

I’m here to add the female view on some of our products, to add a bit of sparkle to our branding, keep your Disney products coming and to treat you all to my thoughts on things. I plan to pull a similar style to the EVER wonderful, ever real, Tova Leigh so expect me to get real deep with y’all!

I am definitely not a ‘writer’ by any sense, but if I write the way that I speak, I think you’ll find me upbeat, entertaining, and full of useless knowledge! Hopefully, you are into that and enjoy my rants and stories 🙂

As Tiger would say T.T.F.N. my friends
the *Mom*

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