Welcome to NerdyCoolDad.com

Hello there kind user, my name is John and I am the Nerdy Cool Dad!

First off, thank you for visiting our domain, NerdyCoolDad.com. Secondly, I hope our website has everything you’re looking for and more!

The idea for NerdyCoolDad.com has been building up in my mind for a long time now. Based on the various roles I’ve worked in over the years and all of the great people I’ve met, along with being a father, I was able to bring everything together into a project that really fit my personality and skill set.

To break things down even more, from a professional standpoint, I’ve worked at EB Games for a number of years, earned a commerce degree, worked in the gaming media, have run a number of small businesses, spent some time at Nerd Block, moved from Toronto to Vancouver, and now work at a digital marketing agency.

Every experience has added to my overall ability to bring NerdyCoolDad.com to life. Although, there have been a number of ups and downs and I’m happy for where it’s brought me at this point.

You might be asking yourself; why NerdyCoolDad.com? Overall, I want this website to represent who I am as a person. Yes, I am nerdy, however, you wouldn’t know that by just meeting me. I also love sports, especially hockey and baseball, was the president of my fraternity in university, am typically the life of the party when I choose to be social, I’m a husband to my beautiful wife, and a father to my perfect little girl.

Funnily enough, for the majority of my life, I would have considered myself to be somewhat of a closet nerd. Perhaps I was too self-conscious about the things I did in my personal time, like playing Pokémon and watching anime, but as I got older and married I could care less about what people thought of me. Ironically, I became the best version of myself once I stopped caring about what people might think of my interests.

My overall goal for NerdyCoolDad.com is to bring users a great selection of amazing nerdy, cool, and funny t-shirts, apparel, collectibles, accessories, toys, and gadgets. In addition, I’ll be looking to add a number of great articles written by myself and a number of different influencers. I’m hoping to have articles about a number of different topics so that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Please feel free to leave comments and interact with us on social media!