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Nerdy Baby Gifts – Clothing, Accessories, and Decorations

If you’re looking for those perfect nerdy baby gifts for that comic book, anime, fantasy, or video game obsessed friend of yours that is expecting soon you have certainly stumbled across the right merchant! From nerdy baby onesies, hats, toys, decorations, clothing, and accessories we have more than enough nerdy baby gifts to get those young minds the head start they need!

As nerdy parents, we feel that it’s our duty to introduce children to our interests at a very early age. Afterall, it’s important to teach them when they’re young that Jar Jar Binks almost ruined Star Wars and that although Pikachu might be cute it’s not a viable choice for any competitive Pokemon team.

If we as parents don’t do this who’s going to? We certainly can’t count on the schooling systems with such imperative information.

We are based out of Toronto and Vancouver, however, we happily serve all over Canada and the United States.

For those of you that only have furry babies, fear not because we have a dedicated section for all of your pet needs.

Are you teaching your toddler how to use cutlery or how to brush their teeth? Trust us, we know that the struggle is real! Because of this, we have placed a number of great novelty utensils, toothbrushes, and other great products here at Nerdy Cool Dad to help teach those wee ones how to life in style!