Legend of Zelda

Nerdy Cool Dad has an amazing collection of The Legend of Zelda merchandise

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Since The Legend of Zelda is one of the longest-running and best video game series of all time we simply had to give it it’s own dedicated page. On top of that, there’s just so much great Legend of Zelda merchandise available online that we wanted to share as much as we could find to our amazing users.

Our goal is to bring you the very best LoZ experience by showcasing items from across the series.

You’ll find Link, Ganondorf, Zelda, the Tri-Force, Gorons, Zoras, Sheikah, and Cuccos, oh my!

Whether you’re looking for items to add to your own collection or are searching for the perfect gift for that friend, family member, or kid in your life we’re sure that you’ll find something for everyone.

Have a little one on the way or have a gamer friend that does? Perfect, because we have a great selection of LoZ merchandise for babies! From bibs, toys, and onesies we have something that is sure to start that little one on the right path in life unless they opt for the Tri-Force of power…